Slot Overview: Mad Cars

A car’s primary function is transportation from point A to point B and back again, with perhaps some intermediate stops at C and D. Some people, like the punks in the post-apocalyptic online slot Mad automobiles by Push Gaming, think automobiles are best when they’re heavily modified with spikes and machine guns and race against each other in something called the Mad Race. It’s anyone’s guess what this means for the game’s protagonists, but for players, Mad Cars is an exciting online slot game full with Instant Prize symbols, a Boost Reel, and Boost Reel symbols, and a Mad Bonus feature in which hot rods earn rewards as they cross the finish line.

Because of the many similarities between this game and the Money Train series, you can expect frequent comparisons between the two throughout this review. The setting of the game, a dusty, sepia-toned image of future misery complete with a windmill, is illustrative. Barrels dangle from metal structures at a deserted factory while tumbleweeds blow through damaged automobiles. Could they just be ornaments to make the room look nicer? If that’s the case, they’ve failed in their mission, because Mad Cars appears to be a harsh environment in which to eke out a living. While the specifics of the apocalypse remain unclear, Push Gaming succeeds well in portraying its aftermath as both a desolate and exciting location to seek your wealth among a band of punk petrolheads.

Users “turn the key” in a figurative sense by selecting a stake anywhere from 10 pence to 100 pounds or euros. It’s played on a 5-reel, 6-row panel, and players may land winning combos on 50 win lines that stretch across the length of the board. Many may have predicted that the action is quite unpredictable, and without purchasing a bonus, the RTP is as high as 96.39%. Depending on the state of the market, there are alternative models with lower NPVs (down to 88.49%).

When three or more identical symbols appear on a win line starting from the far left in Mad Cars, the player receives a payout. Five times the original wager is paid out for a full house of traffic cones (with knives through them), spanners, steering wheels, or spiky dice. The four character symbols, which become increasingly frenzied from lowest to highest value, pay 20x to 100x the stake for five symbol winning lines. Although there aren’t any wild symbols in Mad Car, we’ll go over a variety of different icons in the next section.

Gambling Machine With Crazy Cars As Its Main Attraction

Instant Prize Car symbols, for example, only appear on the bottom row and provide multipliers ranging from one to one hundred times the initial wager. Multiple Instant Prize Car symbols are permitted on the grid, with each contributing its value upon reaching the top row. They remain in place until either they award a prize or another Instant Prize Car icon appears in the top row. Scatter Car icons can also show up on the bottom row at random. The Scatter Car’s passage through the top row activates the Mad Bonus. When the Scatter Car appears, it awards a one-time payout of ten times the wager.

Spike the Reel

There is a unique row at the very top of the board called the Boost Reel. Multipliers, Gas, a Multiplier and Gas Combo, Survivor, or Blank spaces may appear on the boost real after each spin of the main game. When an Instant Prize Car symbol appears just beneath a Boost symbol, the latter becomes active.

Instant Prize Car symbols’ values are multiplied by multipliers ranging from 2 to 100.

Fuel – drives the automobile icons forward by one to six spaces.

The Multiplier/Gasoline Combo increases the value by a factor and shifts the Car symbols.

Survived – gives the corresponding Car icon an extra life. This Cars icon will remain in place even if another Cars icon extends beyond the reels. The Survivor mode will be turned off after that.

Crazy Added Function

Seven free games are awarded when a Scatter Car symbol reaches the top row. After the standard pay symbols have been cleared from the reels, the bottom row will include 5 Instant Prize Car symbols. When a Car symbol reaches the top row, it adds another Car symbol at the bottom of the reel and gives the player an extra free spin.

The Boost Reel operates the same as it does in the main game, except the appearance of the Survivor. During the Mad Bonus round, extra modifier symbols, such as the Line Up, Persistent Payer, Persistent Collector, and the Persistent Payer & Collector Combo, might appear on the Boost Reel.

When this option is used on an Instant Prize Car icon, all other Instant Prize Car icons in the same row will be aligned to form a straight line.

All other Instant Prize Car symbols retain their values for the current and all subsequent spins once a Persistent Payer appears on the reels. Neither assigns nor assigns itself values.

Collects values from all Instant Prize Car symbols on the current spin and any subsequent spins in which it appears. Does not serve as a value collector.

Constantly pays out its value to all other Instant reward Car symbols and then collects their respective reward values. This occurs on the current spin as well as subsequent ones. Does not value itself or demand payment.

Finally, after the last free spin, The Mad Race feature might randomly begin. All Instant Prize Car symbols that are above the top row will be paid out when this feature is engaged.

Promotional Purchase Bonus

If a star button appears, clicking it will reveal a four-choice bonus shop. You can purchase the standard Mad Bonus for 115.7x your wager, the Payer Bonus with an initial promise of a Persistent Payer for 301x your wager, or the Collector Bonus with an initial guarantee of a Persistent Collector for 456x your wager. The fourth choice is the Mystery Mad Bonus feature, which costs 624x the bet and awards either one of the three alternatives with a Persistent Payer & Collector or a random option.

Judgement on the Crazy Cars Slot Machine

Formula One drivers reportedly lose 2-3 kilograms of water weight owing to the impact of dehydration and the exertion that racing at the top level places on their bodies throughout a race. After everything was said and done, playing Mad Cars had a similar feeling. No one ever claimed life in the future would be simple. If Mad Cars is any indication, it will be a thrilling, anything-goes environment that is far from easy.

The violence of Mad Cars rivaled that of Money Train 2 in some respects. Starting with their roles as bonus buy games, Mad Cars is the most brutal option. There are four choices, however it was tempting to “chase the dragon” and try the Mystery Mad Bonus function over and over again in the hopes of unlocking the “Persistent Payer & Collector.” This was a challenging goal, and bonus buys that gave back as little as zero after spending 624 times the stake were a harsh pill to swallow.

This is just another way in which traveling by Mad Car might be more challenging. What you see on the grid in the Money Train games’ bonus round is what you win. During the Mad Bonus round, this is not always the case because the Prize Car symbols have to cross the line in order to award their prize. This was one of the most unforgiving additional features we’ve faced in a while, and the post-apocalyptic playground wasn’t here to make friends.

It’s not unusual for games to have a Money Train twist, but few games twist as much or as severely as Mad Cars. Mad Cars by Push Gaming may have taken some cues from the Relax Gaming popular series, but it is ultimately its own thing. A beast indeed. The audio-visuals are impressive, but this is neither a plea for charity or a panorama of a hopeless future. The purpose of Mad Cars is racing, period. Rewards of up to 25,000x the wager are conceivable if you manage to finish in first place or very close to it, but if you don’t, well, it may be difficult going.

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