The Space Under the Bed

Analysis of a Slot Machine Hidden Under the Mattress

As a kid, did you ever get scared of what may be hiding beneath your bed? Were you sure there were monstrosities lurking beneath the surface, out of sight and out of earshot of everyone else? If so, the 5-reel, 30-payline slot machine Under the Bed from Betsoft is sure to reignite that sense of curiosity (and might keep you up at night, too).

About the Slot Machine Game That’s Hidden Under Your Bed

Betsoft’s claims that they were not influenced by Pixar’s 2001 smash hit Monsters, Inc. when creating Under the Bed should be taken with a grain of skepticism. The fact that they clearly adopted the suggestion and ran with it effectively suggests that this is a positive development. Jesse and Jane, two young protagonists, are afraid of the monsters under their bed and spend much of the novel trying to convince themselves that going to sleep is safe. Your objective, such as it is, should be to calm their nerves and send them to sleep.

The game has stunning visuals, with the action taking place in a children’s bedroom with low lighting. The two well animated kids stand on the edge of their bed, hand in hand to the right of the reels, exuding a feeling of youthful joy that would make Spielberg pleased. The sound design is also excellent, with a catchy score and many comical and occasionally eerie sound effects strategically placed throughout the narrative.

The minimum bet to play Under The Bed is just $0.02, while the maximum is $150. Return-to-Player (RTP) claims a theoretical value of 96.40 percent.

Symbols, Bonus Rounds, and More in the Under the Bed Slot Machine

Along with Jesse and Jane, four distinct monsters, an orange lamp, an open window, and their parents’ legs serve as symbolic elements in Under the Bed. When a successful combination is made, several of them come to life. The green “Wild” Wild Symbol appears exclusively during bonus rounds. The bed and the door are the two bonus symbols. In order to trigger 12 free games, the door symbol must land in the middle of the third reel. However, if you acquire three or more bed symbols anywhere on the reels, you’ll be brought to a new screen where you’ll see the kids in bed. All you have to do to win a reward is choose one of the cards displayed at the bottom of the screen, since this is essentially a “Pick Me” style game. When a parent card is selected, this function will be disabled.

When some symbols appear on the reels, you may see that they are framed in gold. The Sticky Wild feature is activated when a winning combination is made with one of these symbols. In this extra round, one of the symbols will turn over to show a Locked Wild and the amount of spins (up to five) during which it will remain in place.

There is no doubt that Betsoft spent a great deal of time and energy creating this game. The extra features do a fantastic job of keeping your attention while the eye-catching visuals and engaging gameplay make this slot a breeze to sink hours into. The icing on the cake is a tendency to amass a large number of (moderate) session victories.

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